Picture of Teshanee Tamara Williams

Teshanee Tamara Williams

Public Administration


Teshanee Williams began the PhD program at North Carolina State University in the Fall of 2016 after finishing her MPA.  Her current research interests include understanding the influence of public participation on the federal policy process and the role that social context plays in the strategic management of public and nonprofit organizations.  Teshanee’s current projects involve public perceptions of genetically modified foods, the role of efficiency in strategic alliances in the public sector, and the role of cultural competence in human services. She has worked on previous research projects related to perceptions of GM foods, partnership scores in organizational management, and cultural competence in mental health care. Past work experiences include a role as a research analyst for the North Carolina State Auditor’s Office and the Office of Partnership and Economic Development at North Carolina State University. Teshanee's career goal is to produce research that bridges the gap between theory and practice. 


  • M.P.A. in Public Administration from N.C. State, 2016