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Accelerated Bachelor’s-Master’s in International Studies

Program Overview

Our accelerated bachelor’s-master’s (ABM) degree program allows undergraduate students to work toward a bachelor’s degree and an MIS degree at the same time.


  • Students seeking admission to the ABM program in MIS should begin the application process once they have completed 75 hours toward their undergraduate degree, including credits earned from advanced placement.
  • Transfer students are also required to have completed a minimum of 24 hours as a full-time student at NC State.
  • All students must have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the time of admission to be considered for participation in the ABM program.


A prospective student who meets the eligibility requirements should schedule an initial meeting with the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP). All students recommended by the DGP are required to schedule a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUP) and DGP by the end of the second semester of the junior year.

During this meeting, the eligible student will develop an ABM Plan of Work that outlines how the student will complete the required coursework and requirements for both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees within the remaining two years of study. The Plan of Work must be approved by the student’s undergraduate academic advisor, DUP and DGP before the completion of the bachelor’s degree.

Students with an approved ABM Plan of Work will be directed to submit an application to the Graduate School seeking a Master of International Studies in the semester they will complete their undergraduate degree.

Contents of the Plan of Work for the MIS should contain the following:

  1. A list of graduate courses (500 or 700 level) taken as an undergraduate student totaling no more than 12 credit hours that will be double-counted toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These courses should have a grade of B or better.
  2. If applicable, a list of additional courses taken as an undergraduate student totaling up to a maximum of 6 credit hours that will count toward the graduate degree only (credit hours at the 400 level are subject to the restrictions stated in Section 3.1 subsection D.4 in the NC State Graduate Handbook. These courses should have a grade of B or better.
  3. A list of all graduate courses that will be taken after matriculating to the graduate program to be completed within 12 months of earning the bachelor’s degree. The exception would be for students who need to complete an international experience as required by the MIS degree. Their completion of degree could be extended for an additional three months – i.e., the summer following their enrollment in the MIS degree.
  4. Approval from the undergraduate academic advisor, DUP, and MIS DGP.