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Political Science

Meet the Faculty: Steven Greene

Students make their way to class early in the 2022 fall semester across the Court of North Carolina, with the 1911 Building as a backdrop. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

Dr. Steven Greene has been a professor of political science at NC State University since 2002. His research and expertise focuses on American public opinion and American elections. Additionally, Dr. Greene has specific interests in gender and politics, media and politics, political parties, and North Carolina politics. Outside of the University setting, Dr. Greene enjoys hanging out with his four kids, coaching soccer, hiking, reading and playing guitar.

How long have you been at NC State and which classes do you usually teach?

I have been at NC State for 21 years. I usually teach PS 201- American Politics and Government, PS 302-Campaigns and Elections in the US Political System, PS 313-Criminal Justice Policy, PS 401-American Political Parties, and PS 411-Public Opinion and the Media in American Politics.

In what area do you focus your research?

American public opinion; Covid-19 and public health, abortion and public opinion, and gender and public opinion.

Why does the study of political science matter?

Everything is politics! Seriously. If you can better understand how institutions and rules interact with how humans think about complex problems you can better understand almost anything in our world.

What led you to a career as a professor of political science?

I’ve always been fascinated by politics (growing up near DC was a big part of that). I’ve always loved teaching. Once I realized I loved researching about politics, too, this was clearly the career path.

What is your favorite thing about NC State?

It’s just such a great community. Virtually everybody here has so much pride in this University and believes in working to make it better.

What is one thing your students would be surprised to know about you?

Nothing?  I’m famously an open book. That said, how about I would happily (and often do) have pepperoni pizza and Diet Dr Pepper five days a week.  Again, not a surprise, but my favorite thing other than teaching NC State college students is coaching soccer–I coached my son (an NC State student) for seven years and am on the eighth year of coaching my daughter.

If you could time travel, what advice would you give your college-age self?

Be more forgiving of others and less judgmental. You don’t actually know everything about how the world works when you’re twenty.

What is the next thing you hope to accomplish on your wish list?

I was really good at piano when I was young, but stopped playing for about 30 years. I’ve recently taken it up again and I’m currently working on re-learning “The Great Gate of Kiev” and learning “The Entertainer” for the first time.

What has surprised you most about your students this year?

After almost 20 years, my students don’t surprise me any more.

Favorite place on campus?

Reynolds Coliseum.

What is your favorite Howling Cow Flavor?

Chocolate Chip Mint.

What is your favorite NC State tradition or event?

I love running the Krispy Kreme Challenge every year (I hated the two cancellations for the pandemic) even though I only eat a few donuts.  I also love attending non-revenue sports– volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer.

Favorite caffeine fix (place, beverage, or both)

Limitless Diet Dr Pepper at Slice of NY Pizza.