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MPA Faculty Spotlight: Serena Kim

The Master of Public Administration Department at NC State is thrilled to spotlight Serena Kim. Kim is an assistant professor in the MPA program. She brings a unique blend of expertise to our program specializing in research and energy technologies. 

Her research focuses on public perception and adoption of energy technologies that can help facilitate decarbonizing the grid. For example, she studies people’s preferences and the deployment of rooftop solar systems. Kim also explores the potential of electric vehicles enhancing energy resilience and equity. 

Kim emphasizes the major impact that public policies can have on people’s daily lives across various domains such as health, transportation and education. Kim understands the pivotal role policy decisions have in shaping the well being of society and the quality of life for others. 

While Kim excels academically, the things she does outside of work are equally impressive. While at Yonsei University in South Korea, she was involved with the university’s dance team. As a professor, she finds great fulfillment teaching and educating the next generation of possible scholars and academics. Kim’s diverse background in technology and public administration makes her a dynamic professor for today’s society as the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology. Kim’s dedication to scholarship, mentorship and teaching makes her a valuable member to our MPA department faculty. We are proud to have her at NC State.