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Public Administration Alumni Society Alexis Addison, President

The PA Alumni Society exists to convene and serve as an on-going professional association for graduates of the MPA program. To achieve our mission to advance and support public sector leaders, we seek to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the program, current students and alumni.

In October, we hosted Shaun Kellogg, senior director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, at our annual fall luncheon. “We had a fantastic turnout at the 2023 Annual Fall Luncheon where we heard from Dr. Kellogg on ways to engage public administrators and educational researchers in collaborative data-intensive improvement research. The fall luncheon continues to be a vital space for networking and engagement between current students, alumni and faculty.”

We also welcomed a new leadership team for the 2023-2024 academic year. Alexis Addison will serve as president. Alexis is a consultant at CREO, Inc and has served on the board for two years. Lindsey Davis will serve as vice-president. Lindsey is a senior budget and management analyst with the City of Raleigh. Diane Upshaw continues to serve as treasurer. Diane is a budget analyst for the NC Administrative Office of the Courts. Brent Hazelett continues to serve as the scholarship chair. Brent is the CEO of Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation.

Alexis Addison.

The PA Alumni Society hosts two events each year with a focus on networking, developing connections across public sectors, and contribution to the MPA Alumni Society Scholarship Endowment.  The PA Alumni Society continues to award two scholarships to outstanding students, one to an in-service student and one to a pre-service student. We greatly appreciate everyone who continues to make donations and especially appreciate those who have made a multi-year pledge toward a larger contribution goal. The continued support and investment in our students is a wonderful testament to the generosity of all of you.

If you have ideas about how to help the PA Alumni Society expand and enhance our work, we would love to support you in helping implement that idea.  We strive to be the most humble, yet impactful public administration program in North Carolina.  The board meets once a month (last Thursday at noon via Zoom) and we welcome you to get involved and stay connected. Join us on LinkedIn (NC State Public Administration Alumni). 

Please reach out to me at if you would like to become more involved with the alumni society or have any questions.