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Leadership in the Public Sector Certificate

Develop the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader in the public sector. 

Certificate Overview

Our fully-online certificate program provides students with a liberal arts foundation in the ethical, theoretical and policy analytical skills necessary to be effective leaders in public and non-profit organizations.

The certificate program, open to non-traditional and non-degree-earning students, provides quality leadership study for adult learners and military transfer students.

Academic Requirements

Students must complete 15 credit hours (5 courses), consisting of three core classes and two electives:

  • LPS 200: Introduction to Public Leadership
  • LPS 315: Public Leadership
  • LPS 320: Research Methodology for the Public Sector
  • One 200-level elective
  • One 300- or 400-level elective

Admission Info

Students pursuing university certificate programs enroll as non-degree studies (NDS) students for the purpose of university registration.

Contact the LPS program to enroll in the certificate.

Additional Notes

  • Timeline: There is no time limit to complete the certificate; however, if students wish to take a “break” from the certificate program, they must notify the LPS academic advisor.
  • Certification: To be certified as having the certificate in Leadership in the Public Sector, students must have a minimum 2.66 grade point average across all courses used towards the Certificate. The LPS Academic Advisor will certify the certificate prior to completion.
  • B.A. program: Students who complete the certificate may apply for admittance to the B.A. in leadership in the public sector program. If a certificate student completes this B.A. degree, then the certificate will be removed from their transcript, as students may not have a certificate or a minor degree in the same major degree.