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Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership in the Public Sector

Find answers to common questions about our curriculum, admissions and more.

General Program Information

Both of these fields are expected to be in heavy demand in the foreseeable future. Other students are already fully engaged in their careers and would like to complete their bachelor’s to further their career potential. Or they may plan to complete their LPS degree and continue their education and future career opportunities by applying to graduate school. LPS graduates find career opportunities in public and nonprofit organizations, and further their education in fields such as political science, public administration, nonprofit sector management, and law. Some students use the degree as a first step for acquiring teaching accreditation; others are interested in government careers. 

Curriculum and Course Delivery

LPS follows the traditional NC State calendar, which includes a 16-week spring and fall semester as well as summer course options that are either 5 or 10 weeks long. The LPS program also offers 8-week sessions during the spring and fall. Please click here for the NC State academic calendar.

The normal course load for a student depends on the individual student. Many students are either working full time or deployed or just getting back to school after a long absence so they choose to only take 1 or 2 classes. Other students are experienced with online learning and are taking the time to go to school full time and complete their degree as quickly as possible to reach their intended goal or a new position or graduate school. These students often take 4 or 5 courses. The LPS program advises students who are just returning to the university setting and/or online learning to take a maximum of 2 courses. We also do not allow students to take more than 11 credit hours without permission from the LPS academic adviser or director.

Tests are either given online or proctored depending on the instructor. You may look at the course sheets online which should tell you in advance whether the instructor utilizes proctored or online evaluation methods. Please click here for course detail sheets.

Yes, all of the departmental courses for LPS are offered online as well as many of the general courses offered for the major. However, options can be limited so we require transfer students to have at least 60 transferable hours including a sufficient number of social science courses to satisfy the general education component of the major.

Visit this page for course requirements and descriptions.

LPS requires students to complete the 200 level FL which required two prerequisites. If a student does not have proficiency in any language they will need to take 3 FL courses to satisfy the LPS FL.

Spanish is the only FL offered online at NC State. There are no waivers given for this requirement. Please contact the LPS advisor, Dr. LaShica Waters, at for additional information on how to satisfy the FL requirement.

How to pay

Distance Education students pay for courses per credit. Most of the courses taken by LPS students are 3 credit hours. Please click here for information on the fee schedule per credit hour for distance education classes.

In the fall of 2005, NC State joined the rapidly growing ranks of major universities that offer electronic billing for student charges (eBILL). The eBILL is sent from and will come to the e-mail address that you have listed with Registration and Records. The e-mail will contain no personal or financial information — all private information is stored on a secure server which is accessed under password control. When you receive the notice, you can access your bill via MyPack Portal under the Financial Information heading. You will also be able to pay online using ePAY, forward the statement to your parents or a third party, or print a copy of the statement and mail the payment. Please note that you will only receive an electronic version of your bill. If you need to retain a printed bill, you may go online via MyPack Portal and request an exception.

How to apply

The most competitive candidates for admission are those that have approximately 60 transferable credit hours (OR an AA or AS degree with 60 transferable hrs, not an AAS) and a combined cumulative GPA of 3.0 from every college/university attended. However, emphasis will be placed on the most recent academic coursework completed.

Transfer credit should include a sufficient number of social science courses to satisfy the general education component of the major. In addition, transfer students must have taken and passed a college-level Math course and a college-level English course comparable to our ENGL 101 (4 hrs.) to be eligible.


The transfer admissions page will assist you through the application process to the University and LPS. There is a $70 non-refundable application fee.

Please note that LPS does not assist in the actual transfer process into NC State or LPS. The transfer process is handled through the Undergraduate Admissions office. If you have any questions or concerns about your application please contact Admissions at 919-515-2434 or


If you were previously enrolled at NC State as a degree-seeking student, your first step is to contact the LPS advisor to see if you are eligible to transfer into the LPS program. This link will assist you through the readmit process through Registration and Records. There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee.

For questions about your readmit application call 919- 515-2572

For more information, please visit our How to Apply page.

The LPS program provides an unofficial pre-application assessment. We can discuss with you whether you are currently qualified to enroll and/or approximately how long it would take you to complete the LPS degree if you were to enroll. Please note, however, that although we offer a pre-application assessment, the final decision for admission rests with the admissions office at NC State.

Contact LPS advising at for more information on how to receive a pre-application assessment.

Send official sealed transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
NC State University
203 Peele Hall, Campus Box 7103
Raleigh, NC 27695-7103

No, if you submit official transcripts for the pre-application assessment, they cannot be used for the official evaluation. These two processes are handled in different offices. You will need to submit unofficial copies for the pre-application assessment and official copies for the application for admission.

No, NC State and LPS cannot use credits listed on one transcript from multiple schools. Credit hours must be evaluated from each college/university attended to for a complete assessment and the official application.

Pre-Application assessments are usually returned within a week. (Return time can be longer during peak registration times, holidays and summer vacation)

Credit transfer

No, You must have 60 transferable hrs within your AA or AS degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be competitive for admission. All the credit hours from your AA or AS degree may not transfer into NC State.

Up to 70 credit hours can be transferred into the LPS program. Contact Advising for a pre-application assessment.

You can transfer in more than 70 hrs that all count towards the LPS. However, to meet the LPS residency requirement you will have to take additional elective hrs at NC State to make up the difference. Overall, you must complete at least 50 hrs through NC State to obtain the LPS degree.

These videos provide information about understanding how your credit hours transfer into NC State and the LPS program:

Transfer Equivalencies Video

Courses Transferring Into The LPS Curriculum Video

You can also contact LPS Advising at for information on how to obtain a pre-application assessment.

Yes, LPS will determine your eligibility on your most recent coursework which needs to be 3.0 or above.

NC State Students

No, LPS students are not allowed to transfer to any other on-campus major at NC State. 

Admission into the LPS program does not ensure admission into any other academic program at NC State University. The LPS program has distinctive application, admission, enrollment, and credit transfer criteria which differ from other NC State University traditional (face-to-face) majors. In this regard, our students are able to transfer more credit hours from other institutions and have the flexibility to take only 30 of their last 45 credits at NC State University. Hence, double majoring and major (curriculum) change from LPS to a traditional NC State degree is highly restricted.

In addition, traditional students who are currently enrolled in a regular degree program at North Carolina State University cannot request to change their major to LPS.  However, you are encouraged to seek admission into the LPS program if you have been un-enrolled from NC State for more than 3 years and seeking readmission specifically in the LPS program only. For further information please contact the LPS advisor to see if you are eligible and to learn more about the process.

Yes, some LPS students have been able to declare a minor. However, all minor courses may not be offered online. If you are able to take campus courses or if you transfer in courses that will satisfy a minor it may be possible. Please contact the advisor for the minor of interest for more information.

No, current NC State students are not eligible to transfer into LPS. To apply to LPS you must NOT have been enrolled at NC State for a minimum of 3 years. After that time, you can reapply to NC State under your old program and then request to be accepted into LPS. Admission into LPS at that point is under the discretion of the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Please contact the LPS advisor, LaShica Waters, at for more information.

If you have not been matriculated at NC State for 3+ years you are eligible to apply to LPS as a readmit student. After that time, you can reapply to NC State under your old program and then request to be accepted into LPS. Admission into LPS at that point is under the discretion of the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Please contact the LPS advisor, LaShica Waters, at for more information.