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Political Science Student Opportunities

We offer many programs and experiences for political science majors

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Recognizing the value of learning about politics and governmental processes through personal experience, the department makes it possible for undergraduate students to earn up to six credit hours for supervised internships (PS 391). Numerous opportunities for internships exist at all levels of government and with political parties, lobbying groups, research organizations, non-profits and public interest groups. Positions exist in both the public and private sectors, including international business.

As the state capital, Raleigh is an especially fertile area for political internships. Students are responsible for finding their internships, although guidance is available both through the department and NC State’s Career Development Center.

For more information on internships other than the NCGA program, contact your advisor.

Political Science Honors Program

The Political Science Honors Program provides a special opportunity for able and motivated political science majors to enrich their curriculum through in-depth independent study with a faculty member. The more flexible curriculum allows academically qualified students the opportunity to delve into a topic of particular interest. The honors program does not necessarily require more effort by the student, but a more focused effort. Students capable of independent thought and effort can flourish in the program.

A faculty member with interest and expertise in the student’s chosen topic serves as honors advisor. Students undertake nine hours of specialized course work, including the independent research project. The honors project may be based on readings or on a combination of reading and field research.

Traditionally, many of the students who participate in this program are considering graduate or professional school, or a career requiring strong research, writing, and organizational skills. They have found the program valuable in enhancing these skills and giving direction to post-graduate plans.

Students who complete the required course work and graduate with an overall GPA of 3.25 or above have successfully completed the Political Science Honors program. Successful completion of the program is noted on the student’s transcript, diploma, and at commencement.

For more information, contact Political Science Advising.

Political Science-Related Clubs

Study Abroad

Want to travel the world and earn credit? Study abroad provides a transformative understanding of other cultures and their systems by immersing students in an unfamiliar context.

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Grants, Awards and Scholarships

Students majoring in political science have access to a number of grants, awards, and scholarships.  These include the following:

Pope Foundation Undergraduate Grant
The department offers a limited number of J.W. Pope Foundation undergraduate grants for student projects in political science. Students are awarded $4,000 and their faculty advisor $1,000. These awards are for top students who are undertaking work of the highest quality. For more information, see Professor Andrew J. Taylor.

Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Grant
Faculty within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences can apply for grants provided by the college dean’s office that provide stipends to students for carrying out research tasks that support ongoing faculty research projects. Students receive mentoring and experience with research procedures that are consistent with the discipline of the faculty member.

NC State Undergraduate Research Grant
The Office of Undergraduate Research provides Undergraduate Research Grants to assist in funding student research. Calls for proposals for NC State funding are given three times a year, in April/May for the following fall and spring semesters, in September for the following spring only, and in March/April for the summer semester(s). Travel grant submissions are ongoing during the fiscal year from July to June.  Students wishing to apply for the NC State Undergraduate Research Grants should have a mentor identified for the research, prepare a research proposal, and complete a budget of expenses related to the research.  Submission of the proposal and budget are done by the student through an online submission process. Learn More

William J. Block Award
The Block award is named after Professor William J. Block, a former department head, and goes to a deserving graduating senior for service to the university and broader community. Application details here.

Erika Fairchild Award
Named after former faculty member, Professor Erika Fairchild, the Fairchild award is given to the graduating senior who has written the best paper during the academic year.

Highest Scholastic Achievement Award
The Highest Scholastic Achievement award goes to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative GPA.

Donald C. Grubb Scholarship
Endowed scholarship awarded yearly to a junior or senior political science major who demonstrates (1) academic excellence, (2) the potential to make positive professional contributions following graduation, and (3) involvement in campus or community service activities.

Sandra E. Latta Scholarship
Endowed scholarship awarded yearly to students who want to accept an internship with the federal government but are restricted from doing so because of financial hardship. Applicants must (1) have been accepted into an internship program in Washington D.C. with a federal agency or elected official and (2) actively support federal civilian service.

Robert J. Pleasants Scholarship
Endowed scholarship awarded yearly that is intended to encourage and reward deserving political science majors (first-year students through seniors) in the law and justice concentration.

J. Oliver Williams Scholarship
Fund established in honor of Professor J. Oliver Williams to support the efforts of political science majors.

Susan E. Carter Scholarship
Endowed scholarship awarded yearly to an outstanding sophomore or junior political science major who (1) has demonstrated interest international affairs, and (2) is studying a foreign language. 

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